Friday, January 15, 2021



Towny-Frowny was a small scale project used to study games like dwarf fortress. My main goal was to have a excessively large area simulated and displayed on the screen. I created a system for pathfinding, tasks, behaviors, player input and task assignment, and some basic AI.

The world is generated and displayed with 8x8 pixel sprites. The amount of sprite ranges based on the size of the world, but i wanted to try and display at least 1,000,000 simultaneously. This obviously was too many to render every frame, so i instead wrote the sprites to a render texture once, and rewrote individual sprites when that tile updated. This did however mean that I couldn't make objects go in-between tiles.

I learned a lot about C++ from this project, and now that I have some more knowledge i would like to go back and clean up the code some day.

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