Friday, January 15, 2021

Real Street Festival


Real street festival was a professional subcontract I had with IHeartRadio to develop a Android and IOS app for the Real Street festival, a two day festival with many big names like A$AP Rock and Cardi B.
I'm not really into the hip hop scene, but I appreciate the effort put into the festival. I was flown out and stayed mostly in the "command room" where people ran the festival. I was in charge of maintaining the app and sending push notifications.

The App was made in one week at the request of the contractor. I spent most of this time getting the camera working with filters. I decided to use unity for this project due to the limited amount of time. The App had a GPS map, a camera with filters, a vendor list, and a schedule. Each were updated on the fly. I used firebase and Natcam plugins to run the camera and push notifications as well as some simple analytics.

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