Friday, January 15, 2021

The Fields

  This page is under construction...

The fields is a large scale text adventure project written in C++. I wanted to add a lot of simulation to this game. This ideally would mean that I could use a level editor to craft experiences that are more based on the mechanical interaction rather than a more static experience.

The project has two parts. Firstly, the game itself which loads in world data from binary files and saves as you move between tiles. And Secondly, the level editor that those world tiles are pre-setup in. 

I would like to add some more interactions and entity types in the future. One thing I really enjoyed was the behavior system, as it allowed for decision making not just by NPCs but also by entities. For instance: there is a mechanism entity type reserved for items that can be "used." This can cover simple interactions like a water pump usage, all the way to a drone that autonomously scans the environment for anomalies.

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