Friday, January 15, 2021

Cooking Mama Cookstar


    Cooking Mama: Cookstar was my first professionally shipped game. I worked on the main development team at First Playable Productions. There i implemented new minigames and fixed or changed older ones.

When I joined the team a lot of the interface and backend was completed, so I mainly worked on player facing features, though motion controls were part of that work.

Motion control was an uphill battle, we constantly iterated on versions and the clients had a lot of input as to what felt better. One of the problems we experienced was that motion would get tuned to individuals, so one person playing the game would do it perfectly while someone else would struggle.

The game now notices if you are having trouble and adjusts the thresholds, but it may have not been enough in the end. I would have liked more time to tune these values.

I did however get to enjoy the Switch's gyroscopes, which made the minigame "Shake the pepper" super fun to implement in a more 1:1 style motion.

I worked closely with the art and animation team to implement what they desired. Overall I would call this a great learning experience.

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