Thursday, November 30, 2017


Here is a inventory system i've made. It is inspired by systems like the one in resident evil 4
and focuses on items taking up physical space and shape, and requiring the player to manage their inventory space. For example, high value items could take up larger space, or be a strange shape, thus making it more difficult to carry. Note that objects can be rotated.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Portfolio Revamp

I've spent the day revamping my portfolio, and more specifically my portfolio website. As of now, the page is hosted on the free web server provided by scad, and the domain was purchased through go daddy to have a more memorable URL.

I created the website using adobe Dreamweaver, it is my first foray into html website design, and i think what I've learned can prove very useful on future projects. Honestly i managed to pick up html very easily, i like the setup of having CSS to handle every thing to do with style, and html handling the layout of elements. My main focus for my website were as follows:
  • Full control over layout and design
  • Sleek but not flashy design
  • Smooth page transitions
  • Integration of Blogger
  • Responsive design, working on tablet, mobile, and PC