Sunday, October 28, 2018

Java 3d game engine

Ah java, how i love thy simplicity.
So i made this 3d applet a while back and figured i should probably post it somewhere. Before i got the change however, my hard drive corrupted.


All that work? gone.

I am working right now on rewriting what i can to show off that i did indeed make it, but youll have to spare me for my lack of snippets in the mean time.

Im loading in the map via a image(my favorite way of doing things).

The 3d maths were adapted from notches ludem dare game which he streamed and i followed along with, but in the end of the day the math isn't that complex. i added in multiple block heights and am rendering tops and bottoms of blocks.

Here is the 3d rendering class that i managed to salvage:
Sadly still way out of date but ah well. maybe ill come back to it someday.

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