Monday, February 5, 2018


Vacancy was made for the 2018 game jam at Scad.  It won Best in show, was debuted at a local gaming convention, went on to win best in Georgia, and debuted at siege con 2018 and GDC 2018

We had a team of about 8-9. I was the lead programmer and worked in unity alongside Logan McClure. I think this game was a major success, as puzzle games are no easy task to design and create on a limited budget of time.

My main responsibility was Game Design and Programming. I ended up creating the movement system, animation controller, dimensional shifting, and puzzle mechanics. The puzzles were mainly designed by me.

After the initial development time, i went back and polished the game along with alex childeres. We added a new puzzle, new animation, and reworked the narrative and ending. So far it has had over a hundred plays on, and even a lets play.

Here is a GIF of how it all works:

It's fairly simple, we just switch between two or three game objects, and overlay a static effect over the screen to hide the transition.
Ill spare you the code, as its too simple to really be relevant.

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